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Start an Internet Business




Here are a few of the many nice comments I've gotten about the book:

"I am so convinced you have saved us from making a huge mistake that somehow I vow to return the favor.  We were getting prices of $2-3,000 plus additional hosting fees of like $200.00 a month!  Unbelievable.  Anyway, thank you!!!  I just can't thank you enough!  :)  I am so excited!"

-- M. Ray

"I don't think you remember me but I purchased your ebook a few months ago. I almost hired a consultant for $2,000 then contacted with you. You mentioned the consultant was a waste... You mentioned any good consultant would do exact what you wrote in your book.

My internet shop sells antique quilts for Japanese in Japan only (site is written in Japanese but I live in US).  I thought it would be a piece of cake to control the site rank but it was difficult after I opened the shop.  I have a full time job and with my free time, I do this as a side business.  It started fine but after 6 months or so, my site disappeared from the Google.  I started to panic and had no idea what to do for the visibility.  I searched for search engine rank up companies (in Japan) and found consultants but ended up with you because the book was cheap enough.  I thought I would give a shot before I spend $2000.  Well, it worked!

I wanted to thank you so much for everything.  Your book works and I am sure my site will have more visibility now.  Not only you encouraged me, you also saved my money.  Thank you so much."

-- M. Crosby

"Just read through your book. I think it is the most honest and fantastic guide, especially on how to be wary of all those internet frauds."

-- W. Soh

"And again ... this book of yours is fantastic info....very well done!!"

-- Summer K.

"By the way, I think your instructions about creating a website are amazing. I have been researching this for awhile and there is no other one (even in print!) that is as clear and easy to follow."

-- S. Fraser


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